When a Lady Luck, just a hussy

Deceiving and falling,

Throws you on the beach.

When you remain in low water,

Without a North, or a hope;

When you have no longer faith

Or yesterday´s tea

Drying out in the sun…

When you have worn out the barkers,

In search of that buck, for

To go and take a bite,

The people´s perfect indifference,

Their deafness, their dumbness

You´ll have to perceive…


You´ll see that all is a big lie,

You´ll see that nothing is love,

And that no one cares a little

Yeehra, yeehra…

Even life breaks you, no matter,

No matter pain bites your heart,

Don´t wait for any protection

For some hand, or

For some help.


When all the doors of the houses

Where you go, stay closed,

In spite of your knocks,

Searching a breast of a brother,

To die embracing some one,

When they you down the road

Then to girt and girt,

As they did with me.

When you see that in your nearness

They try them the clothes

Wich you´ll let at last,

Then you´ll remember this sucker,

Who once, too much tired,

Did howl like a dog…


Testo e Musica: Enrique Santos Discépolo
Traduzione: Luis A. Murray
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